Although our industry is able to produce products with high added value, it is possible to adopt and implement advanced engineering methods, and high qualified R & D Engineers and Expert Engineers will make this possible. Increasing number of R & D investments and R & D centers in our country, increase the need for highly qualified R & D Engineer and Expert Engineer.

FİGES AŞ with the awareness of this responsibility and its pioneering role in our country, it initiated an initiative called ın “R & D Summer School” between the years 2000-2010 and more than 100 expert engineers have been trained and brought to our industry. Within the framework of these facts, the aim of the academy is to educate R & D Engineer and Specialist Engineer at international standards.

Mechanical Design, Applied Finite Element Analysis in Multidisciplinary Physics, Model-Based Design and Automatic Control are some of the methods that constitute the main backbone of BuildUp Academy. Nowadays, technologies such as Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, Optical Technologies, Medical Technologies, Wearable Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis can be developed through these backbone methods. Not only new technologies, but also traditional technologies require specially structured methods.