Mechanical APDL'e Giriş (ANSYS Classic)

  • Eğitimin Süresi 2 Gün
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2-day classroom course showing how to perform FEA computations with ANSYS Mechanical driven via the MAPDL language. This course is recommended for anyone who wishes to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of mechanical parts and has little or no ANSYS Mechanical APDL (MAPDL) software experience. The ANSYS Mechanical APDL workflow, graphical user interface, along with the APDL command syntax, will be introduced to users. The focus will be on linear static structural analyses, although the concepts presented will provide a strong foundation to allow the user to solve other physics, such as thermal analyses, or more complicated analysis procedures with ANSYS Mechanical APDL. After completing the course, attendees should be able to use the ANSYS Mechanical APDL software efficiently to set up, solve, and postprocess linear static analyses. The ANSYS Workbench environment will not be discussed or covered in this course.


Section 1Introduction to the MAPDL GUI
Section 2MAPDL Element Types and a Simplified Overview of FEA Theory
Section 3APDL (“ANSYS Parametric Design Language”)
Section 4Geometry Creation and Import
Section 5Select Logic and Components
Section 6Coordinate Systems
Section 7Element Attributes
Section 8Meshing
Section 9Boundary Conditions and Loads
Section 10Solvers
Section 11Post Processing
Section 12Modal and Mode Superposition Harmonic Response Analyses
Section 13Nodal Coupling and Constraint Equations
Section 14Using Parameters
Section 152D Analysis
Section 16Shell and Beam Elements
Section 17Contact
Section 18Pretension
Section 19Surface Effect and FLUID116 Elements
Section 20Introduction to Coupled Field Analysis
Section 21Introduction to using “Commands” Objects in Mechanical



  • A technical education and background in finite element analysis is recommended but an engineering degree is not required.